Sunday, 17 February 2013

General English - 1

1. She wants to become ------ engineer.

A: a    B: an   C: the

Ans:-  an

2. ------ lion is a ferocious animal.

A: a    B: an   C: the

Ans:-  The

3. The mother was concerned ------ the safety of her child.

A: with   B: for   C: about

Ans:-  about

4. The thunder was accompanied ----- heavy rains.

A: by    B: with    C: through

Ans:-  with

5. Excercise is beneficial ----- health.

A: to    B: on      C: with

Ans:- to

6. New York is ------ large city.

A: a     B: an     C: the

Ans:- a

7. Keep clear ------- wicked boys.

A: of   B: out  C: from

Ans:- of

8. Are you attending ------ reception today.

A: a   B: an    C: the

Ans:-  the

9. I saw a ------- of cows in the field.

A: Goup  B: Swarm  C:herd

Ans:- herd

10. My uncle decided to take ------ and my sister to the market.

A: I   B: me  C: myself

Ans:- me

                                                                            Mrs. Anand Swarup


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